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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

15th of Feb, 2010

I live in a big city called Ulaanbaatar which has more than the half of the population of Mongolia. But it's still quite a small amount of people in a big territory. That means coincidence always happens even we all have some group of people we avoid to see them again, or never.

Today after watching a movie on the opening day @urgoo cinema, I was on a bus with a guy whom I belong to MMF group with. I was really really excited with the movie and the whole event. But when I looked at a person who sat in front of me and I recognized it was him,
who is "ex", my previous one I dated and liked being together. He looked like he's got changes on his face. It was really an embarrassing time for me to see him while he was pretending as he's sleeping.

Just like 'We can't avoid of the truth', we also can't avoid of the exes of us whenever, whatever happens.
Now when I see someone, whom I've already finished the relationship with, I'll not pretend and embarrass myself.

We can't avoid of anything we are afraid of. We can't refuse, can't deny, but only accept.
Hope we all can.

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