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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Don’t be afraid of who you are

Тэгэхээр энэ зүгээр л нэг хичээлийн даалгаварт зориулж бичсэн. Гэхдээ мэдээж дүн энээ тэрээ нь чухал биш л дээ, ийм санаа л толгойд орж ирэхээр нь буулгачихсан юм.

What can be the advantage of any history? Does that only have to include the far past and ancient action? Can’t it be the life? I believe everyone has got their own history and it still being continued. This is a brief story of his life when he was young. Definitely, it also happens to someone somewhere.

If you glance him, he’s so pale, but quite handsome, medium heighted and just normal guy of the best economic university. Absolutely, he has not that good social anymore. Eating breakfast alone at home, but often he skips. About lunch? He is alone. If he was not hungry much, he prefers late self-cooking lunch at home after school. Even he’s not got any friend, he tries not to make any. He likes good grades at the school as he’s senior. It took extremely long for him to study for 3,5 years. His major is finance. But he still doesn’t know why he accepted his sister’s suggestion to choose it. He believes he will be employed to her company anyhow. Sometimes, he remembers he used to be good at art. Still now get to the comtemporary art galeries.

Although, he spends not much time with the classmates or family, he is not the best one in the class. Oh I forgot to tell you his hobby. He likes movies like Transformers, Irobot and so on. He imagines the unreal world out of his mind. He believes one day he can do anything and everything that is impalpable. He is tolerant, he probably wait for the perfect timing for his dream. Just like birds fly peacefully on the air. He prefers freedom, peace, perfection and the new world. His apartment with 4 rooms are not enough to live with his dad and sister. It seems too little space for him. Plus, he doesn’t mean the big furnitures.

He went upstairs. It was a roof of the building which is 11 floor. He just slowly walking forward and it was maybe his last step of his life. That was not ground but air… At that time, he was waking up and thank God that he’s alive. Maybe the first happiness since he’s become an adult. He recognized death is far but coming. The reality maybe for some people it’s unreality. Anyway, that thing is in an another world probably it’s death world. He will get there someday, but not now.

He completely changed now. It took about 5 years since that time. He is a volunteer in a NGO(Non-governmental organization) that is toward conserving the rights of the group of people who are homesexual. He thinks that memories spent under the dark clouds were just the memory. The guy, whom he told he likes, is now just the past dark day. He doesn’t regret being homosexual. He doesn’t regret expessing himself to the schoolmates. Now he just enjoys being with others like him. It is a fate. It is a fate that he promoted but not sudden occurred.

Choices don’t really have to be the best. But it has to point you to the right direction.


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