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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Review of a novel "Anna Karenina"

All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way

Someone was running over a train and killed. It can’t be identified whether it was suicide or unluckiness. A woman with gentle, shining gray eyes who was seeing it gloomily is Anna Karenina. She comes to Moscow to meet with her brother Stiva’s family. While seeking him she suddenly exchanged glances with a man who is Vronsky. Both of them didn’t know Anna’s brother and Vronsky are an old friends. Their first glance wonderfully but sadly begins the main part of the novel. I can call it love with the first sight. Even Anna has an unloved husband and 8 years old boy Seriozha.
The novel is generally about 2 main people’s character and decisions for their lives during hard times of Russia and how it influences to the others.
First, Levin. It is my most liked role. He is hardworking and honest man who inherited the manor from his parents and lives in a countryside and works there in a farm. As he loved Kitty and asked her to marry him and got a rejection. From that time, he dissappointed but even did not throw his thoughts to love her away. Actually, his love never died. As he got an unwanted answer, he went back to his farm and worked. During this time, Kitty couldn’t get married with Vronsky and got ill. When Levin hears it he sends his brother and finally she becomes healthy. They got married. Even Levin has an higher education and a nobleman, his own view toward the society is different from others. He tries to see the end eve though it can take much long.
Anna Karenina. She is so pity person in the novel and also the main part. She unhappily married regarding to her parents decision and lived unhappily,too.
And got a birth and now they have a 8 year old boy Seriozha.
Since Vronsky and Anna glanced they couldn’t stop thinking of them. Anna ignores him always just to keep her family. It represents she does her unwanted and say the untrue words to Vronsky even she wants to be with him. Her love is marked by desperation not pleasure. But Anna discovers that she would prefer to suffer with her true love rather than continue to lead a life of lies and deceit with a man she does not love deeply as a jilted wife. So they lived together for a while. Vronsky said they will wait Karenin’s (Anna’s husband) divorce decision. But he disgracefully postpones the decision till the death of Anna.
Anna may not yet see: Vronsky is not a Prince Charming but rather an ordinary man with the same limitations as everyone else, including Anna’s own husband.
Relationships are relationships whether or not they bear social or religious stamps of approval. Tolstoy encourages us to look beyond the social rules and to examine the inner workings of romantic unions with an open mind.
Anna is deeply jealous and paranoid, feeling that Vronsky no longer loves her and making unfounded assertions that he must be involved with another woman. There was no other way. She was desperated, exagerated and she was just left behind Vronsky. For him she is not a special someone but just like a bugaboo. She left her family with her child for her love to Vronsky. She thought that she would be too happy by her love but it wasn’t. It became gloomy life. Every night she drinks alcohol and waits for Vronsky to come.
Anna is convinced their relationship is over, and she falls into despair. Vronsky departs to visit his mother. She reflects that she wants only to live and that she knows they love each other deeply. Later, Anna sends Vronsky a telegram requesting he return immediately. She thinks that he will think about duty not love.

Stepping off the train as it stops at Obiralovka, Anna walks along the platform in a despairing daze, finally resolving to throw herself under an approaching train in order to punish Vronsky and be “rid of everybody and of herself.” A train approaches, and Anna impulsively throws herself under the wheels, begging God for forgiveness and feeling a pang of confusion and regret when it is too late. The candle of her life is extinguished.
she seeks to escape the falsity of the people around her, just as she did in life.

Sometimes it is hard or senseless to follow the rules in the society. It seems like we are under something pressure. It is the right decision just to leave them without any regrets and sorrow when you are desperated.
"All happy families resemble one another, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way”

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